High-performance CO2 conversion

High-performance CO2 conversion

Real Carbon Technology takes carbon capture and usage (CCU) to a new level. Our patent-protected solution offers direct CO2 and Hydrogen to methanol conversion faster and cheaper than traditional methods. We deliver multiple efficiency gains while saving on CAPEX and OPEX and bringing overall green methanol costs down.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage is a group of technologies that contributes both to reducing emissions in key sectors directly and to removing CO2 to balance emissions that cannot be avoided – a critical part of net-zero goals.

The use of the CO2 for an industrial purpose can provide a revenue stream for CCUS facilities. Until now, the vast majority of CCUS projects have relied on revenues from the sale of CO2 to oil companies for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). But there are many other potential uses of the CO2, e.g. as a feedstock for the production of synthetic fuels and chemicals.

We at RealCarbonTech focus on delivering the most efficient technology of turning carbon dioxide feedstock into marketable methanol-based products for energy, chemical or transportation sectors.

Fit for industry
Our technology can handle exhaust streams with low purity feed-stock making it of particular interest for heavy emitters who aim at meeting the CO2 reduction targets.

Cost competitive
Reduced capital expenditures for the synthesis installations and operating costs of running shorter and simpler conversion process mature the technology while brining product costs down even in smaller-scale projects.

Modular design allows efficient scalability of the synthesis installations in accordance with any available feed-stock volumes.

Energy storage
The process can use renewable power to produce methanol, that represents a stable way of storing low- carbon energy for easy transportation with already existing storage and distribution infrastructure.